Future Plans and Programmes of KAPPEC

Action Plan for creating infrastructure facility

Action Plan for Marketing

Action Plan for Promotional Activities




Government of Karnataka in the budget 2006-07 has sanctioned an amount of Rs.10 Crores to the company for creating necessary post harvest infrastructure facilities in different parts of the state based on potential in a phased manner. The company has already received and initiated action in this connection. The details are as under:-



As explained above, the company is engaged mainly in the back to back trading of commodities by insulating the risk of market fluctuations and incurring losses in trading due to volatile market conditions exist in commodity trading. During the year 2006-2007 the company has achieved a turnover of Rs.1324 Lakhs by trading in 9772 Mts. of Commodities like Onions, potatoes, turmeric powder, variety of fruits and vegetables etc to countries like Mauritius, Maldives. Based on this experience and also to add more and more commodities to the existing list we propose to undertake the trading as under:-

Commodity Qty in Mts.
Onions 8000
Potatoes 2000
Turmeric Powder 100
Chillies 100
Dried Grapes 50
Fruits & Vegetables 10

The turnover for the current year (2007-2008) i.e from 1.4.2007 to 23.8.2007 is Rs. 616.82 Lakhs. In addition to the above, the company will also explore possibilities of trading in other agriculture and horticulture commodities to increase the turnover and profits.



The company proposes to undertake the following promotional activities for the development of trading (both domestic as well as exports) of agriculture and horticulture commodities :-

Government of Karnataka in the budget for the year 2006-2007 has sanctioned and released an amount of Rs.10 crores (Rupees Ten Crores Only) to KAPPEC for creating post-harvest infrastructure facilities in a phased manner in different parts of the State based on the potential. Accordingly, the company has envisaged the following infrastructure facility in the State in a phased manner:-

Sl.No Name of the Project
1 Creation of post harvest infrastructure facility consisting of two pack houses, two precooling units, five cold storages, one washing, waxing and grading unit, two refrigerated vans, one battery operated forklift, two hydraulic hand pallet trucks, a laboratory, office complex, packing and grading tables 40 numbers- For the export of Pomegranates and other horticulture produce from Kushtagi and surrounding areas in Koppal District – Action has already been initiated on this project.
2 Creation of post harvest technologies at Chitradurga consisting of a receiving hall, pack house, pre cooling, Cold storage, washing and waxing unit and related equipments for the export of pomegranates, Figs, Papaya and other horticulture produce from Chitradurga and surrounding areas.
3 Establishing a State of the art TUR processing unit at Gulbarga for the benefits of TUR farmers of Gulbarga, Bidar Districts and surrounding areas.
4 Establishing an IQF unit at Hubli in North Karnataka for the export of Quick frozen foods under PPP model.
5 Establishing six numbers Vanilla Processing units in difference vanilla growing areas of the State along with all required equipments and buildings for processing and drying of vanilla for export markets.
6 Establishing Pineapple and other horticulture produce processing and canning unit in Sirsi, Karnataka.
7 Creation of Post Harvest  Infrastructure at Srinivaspur / Kolar consisting of a receiving hall, desapping hall, washing, Packing and related equipments for  the export of Mangoes from Srinivaspur, Kolar and surrounding areas.
8 Establishing a grape processing unit at Bijapur for production of international quality wine and other related products for exports.
9 Creation of post harvest infrastructure (cold chain) facility at Bidar for the export of fruits & vegetables